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    Overcharged data usage


      Subscriber ako ng myLifestyle Plan 999 with GoSurf 299 (which is 1.5G data allocation), I already consumed my data allocation and exceeded to 1.7G tapos bigla ako na-charge ng Php 1,200 something. I asked a CSR bakit ganun ang charge samantalang Php2.00/MB lang ang charge then 200+MB lang ako nag exceed. Ang sabi sakin ng CSR pag nag exceed daw ako sa limit ng data ko whether 2MB or 5GB pa daw automatic may charge ako Php 1,200 flat kaya she suggested na gamitin ko daw yung mobile data. I was a bit skeptical kung totoo to kase katakot naman na bigla nanaman ako magkacharge. Confirm ko lang kung totoo bang flat ang charges pag nag exceed ka whether maka 10GB kapa?

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy jacervantes! I would suggest having to take a look at your account first before we can arrive at any conclusion. Since Community normally accommodates non-account related inquiries, I suggesting contacting our other customer support channels for assistance. Hope this helps.

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              Bakit po hindi na pwedi gamitin ang unused data na pinabayad nyo ng buo?  We already pay for it why we can not save it and use it on the next billing cycle? is it fare for your subscriber? You guys implemmenting capping on data like other country you said, but why you can not  give to your subcriber all the unused data that has been paid like the other country?  

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              Hi jacervantes 

              Were you able to allocate any amount from that 999 as remaining consummable? If you fully registered all your 999, ex: 499 base plan + 299 1.5 gig, then your consummable is 201 pesos, the 201 will be used for the  2.00/mb. However, once the 201 is consume or no more available consummable, ANTI BILL SHOCK will kick in. In this case, ABS is 1500 - 299 = 1201.00, which will be added to your mrf 999 and you will be paying 2200.00.

              To know the details, you should wait for your bill to be generated before contesting it.