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      Hi Globe! I am a Globe Prepaid subscriber and I am regularly register to GoSurf299 in my internet needs (surfing the net, playing games, and playing music on Spotify). Lately, I registered to GoSurf299 with 1572864 KB of mobile data valid until 12-29-2015 at 9:38am. But suddenly, lately when I was about to browse the internet around 7pm there was no response. I can assure that I still has a sufficient amount of data coz by the time I checked my consumed data at the data counters on my iPhone I only consumed 150MB. However, when I checked my data balance to 8888 it says that I already used up my data allocation. How could that be possible, if I am currently registered to a 1.5GB allowable data promo? This was my first experience to encounter this kind of problem to a GoSurf299 subscription. Could you please help me to fix this? Or try to recover my lost subscription? Or else my worth P299 registration would just be put into nothing...

      I appreciate any valuable assistance you guys can do about it..

      Thank you!

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy Roger Allane King! My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We can verify your GoSurf subscription in the system, and you can do this by reaching our other customer support channels. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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            Hello Globe.

            I registered GoSurft299 last November 25. I will list down all my status updates:

            November 25 9:12pm: still have 1490647kb;

            November 27 10:16pm i received this free 10mb and 10 txt for 1 day;

            November 27 10:17pm still have 1507105kb;

            November 28 10:17pm free 10mb expired; November 29 10:23: says i already used up my free data allocation for playing but even in surfing the net i cannot use it anymore. This happened to me 2 TIMES. I’m wasting money here. Can you explain to me what just happened? i can send you proof of my data usage from my phone. I even downloaded the app you recommended MY DATA MANAGER and messages are in still on my phone. Even there i didn’t use all my 1.5gb mobile data.  I already talked to someone in Talk2Globe chat but they can’t do much help.