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    How can TM/Globe resolve the issue on a customer being charged for services it hasn't or never have subscribed for?  As use of internet, when one's cell phone doesn't even have this feature then unnecessarily charged for internet use?


      After a voice mail I received re automatic configuration for internet use of one's cellphone, I ignored it (though didn't delete the message), texts followed that I have been charged for internet use - noting the remaining balance in my e-load.  I find this unfair knowing that my cell phone doesn't have any internet (browser) feature.  It's a simple call and text cellphone.  How can I even activate internet connection when my cp doesn't have that feature. I do internet surfing only on the computer.  So, being charged or my e-load being used up for said 'internet use' is unacceptable.  Now, I'm currently hesitant to buy even a P10.00 e-load thinking this may be 'gobbled up' for 'internet use'.  I only use pre-paid for simple daily purposes - hence, also use a simple cell phone. 


      I called up the hotline 027311300 provided by GLOBE outlet (Southway Square, Zamboanga City) when I posed my problem.  Needing to resolve the issue, I used a PLDT line to call up the number - aware I will be paying more than the P20-25.00 e-load consumed without use in my TM SIM.


      My point is for TM/Globe to resolve this - not just for me but for others who may have or may experience this same thing.  I like to think that the company/ies don't and won't make false assumptions that internet via mobile is used by 'almost everyone' and assuming further that 'almost everyone' uses a cellphone unit with internet features.


      If the voice mail I received (or might have been received by others as well), it doesn't necessarily follow that the user has an internet feature in his cp unit or activate it per se.  Being charged for a service (vis-a-vis internet use) when one hasn't subscribed nor the facility for it is not fair nor correct. Some if not most people prefer to utilize pre-paid service (buy e-load as such when one deems so) because it is what they could afford and it is what could serve their specific purposes - personal or otherwise.


      I don't know if Globe/TM management will even care to call me regarding this matter, but it is so unnerving to think that I won't feel secure with e-loads I will purchase without the hassle of being charged for service which I haven't subscribed to.