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    no more units available to me?


      dear globe,


      how can you send me text messages today, Dec 1, 2015, saying the unit assigned to me is not anymore available and I should disregard the pick up schedule when your loyalty reps have consistently told me that unit was already dispatched on nov 19 to globe store dumaguete? i have called yesterday, nov 30, 2015 to ask why no texts or call was received by me from globe store dgte and you told me there's no update from globe store dumaguete with regards to the phone i have availed. i have contacted you via this and twitter today to ask why theres no update and lo and behold, i receive 3 messages from "globe fix" saying iphone 6s plus 64gb silver  is no longer available for me and schedule of pick up should be disregarded. globe, what is your deal?