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    Cannot manage to subscribe to a postpaid plan and no answers from support.


      I'm really at the end of my options. I waited several months for Globe to carry the iPhone 6s. I signed up on Nov. 12 and by Nov. 14 the paperwork was all cleared daw. So I was to wait 5-7 days for a call and then delivery. Two and a half weeks later there is no response. So I have called and chatted now 7 times. No exaggeration. Literally. Every time they tell me I will get a follow up call in 24-48 hours. Seven times they said that. It has NEVER happened. Never. The last two times I was laughing and told the operator I didn't believe him. He assured me this time it would happen. Nope.


      They tell me the application is still there. But something is wrong. Something is clearly not at all working right. I simply cannot get this resolved. Sooooo frustrating.