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    update on the uphone 6s plus 64gb silver handset's whereabouts


      as of yesterday, Dec 1, 2015, at around 4pm:


      I received text messages from "GLOBE FIX" saying the unit was already unavailable and schedule of pick up should be disregarded (shcedule of pick up is Nov 30, 2015).


      Nov 18, 2015 - pay my pretermination amount and any other outstanding dues and ask for recontracting..on the say day it was processed


      Nov 19, 2015 - unit was dispatched to Globe warehouse


      Nov 20 to Nov 29, 2015 - I made calls with globe to ask whether unit can be claimed earlier than Nov 30, 2015 which the loyalty agents said no, only on Nov 30, 2015..even the agent in Globe store dumaguete said to wait for call or text from the store


      Nov 30, 2015 - called loyalty dept for update since no text or call was received...even the loyalty agent has submitted a request for waive of the 1st month P1299 dues as goodwill because of the delay


      Dec 1, 2015 - Chatted online with a loyalty dept agent for the units whereabouts, again standard reply is "they have no idea"

      Dec 1, 2015 at around 4pm - Received 3 text from "globe fix"

      Dec 1, 2015 after receiving the texts - Called loyalty dept to complain, still no idea of the whereabouts of the phone, yadayadayada...even resorted to twitter to complain and still, standard reply


      what do you want me to do globe?



      You're funny globe...like really...before you processed my recontracting on Nov 18, 2015, an iphone 6s plus 64gb silver was still available. I have paid all outstanding amounts hence my recontracting was processed and a unit was dispatched on Nov 19, 2015. I have made several calls to inquire whether you can speed up the delivery so I can get the unit prior to Nov 30, 2015 but your loyalty agents were adamant in saying that delivery schedule is Nov 30, 2015. So i waited. and waited some more. because really, how long should the delivery be? i mean, LBC can do it in 3 to 4 days from date of dispatch. but okay, since its company policy, I will wait. Come november 30, 2015, I was still waiting for a text since your loyalty agents and even globe store dumaguete had said to wait for a text or call before you can pick up the unit. but no,...there was none. I even had to call loyalty's hotline for the reason of the delay...again the standard reply was unit was dispatched Nov 19, 2015 but there were still no update from Globe store dumaguete. on Dec 1, 2015, I have made inquiries online through chat and your agents I chatted with cant even give me a feedback (really globe? how hard can it be?)..i even resorted to twitter and this site to air out my concerns and yet same standard reply (btw, i dont even care how you do it, just deliver what you promised.). Then at around 4pm of Dec 1, 2015, I received text messages from Globe Fix saying my unit was already unavailable and I should disregard the scheduled pickup. I should also wait for a call from your team for other handset model option and new schedule (Dear globe, i do not need another handset model and pick up schedule. I didnt agree to it so why are you telling me this again? Just deliver what you promised. why is it so hard?). I called the loyalty department because of this and maybe threw in some swears just so I can get my point across. and even let you know how disappointed i am about your service. I even told your loyalty agent that the unit earmarked for me must have been given to new subscribers. Because again, I can and yes..what would you want me to think? that the unit disappeared out on its own and you cant trace it with your so-called hi-tech system? really Globe? really? something of that value dont get lost that easily. we're talking 48 thousand to 50 thousand plus pesos here.) 



      I did my part. Its time you do yours. Stop playing games. You are wasting my time.


      and PLEASE, take care of your present/loyal subscribers who have been with you for a long time.