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    *143#, chat 1234, 211 access on TM


           I'm a Globe prepaid subscriber. When I need to report about problems on internet, I call 211 (cellphone) or 171 (through globe landline)... In your electronic voice message, there are options to dial *143# to access billing concern.
      Can you add this option for Globe prepaid subscriber?
           In your customer chat assistance, I also tried this… they ask me about my concern, account #, when they ask about address… I’m not yet finished typing in my cellphone… customer chat text… are you there…
      Can you make 2 minutes time allowable for customer to reply?

           In your globe technician uniforms… I have notice that printed in your globe technician (at the back) that globe customer service can be reach through 211 Globe (yes) and TM (no).
      You cannot access 211 on TM subscribers?
      You can add 171 through globe landline.


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          1. Hi  ÅpåÅlöriå


            Thank you for your message and truly staying Globe connected. It's quite refreshing to find a subscriber who shows a very insightful familiarity with our various customer touchpoint channels, and it is inputs and comments like the ones you've given that we welcome as these are what help us map out the direction to take  in accordance to what users really feel to be vital for them to maximize the service experience. As a member of the Customer Experience group of Globe, please allow me to try and address your queries.



             The basic premise for creating the Globe *143# Self-Serve Menu was and always will be to make it easier for customers to access the most relevant and frequently used service functionalities. To make it even more useful, the options which are displayed on the subscriber's screen are tailored to the user depending on whether you are using TM, Globe Prepaid, or Globe Postpaid. This is why Prepaid and TM have a facility to "Check Load Balance"  and postpaid has an option for "Billing Concerns".  Perhaps you could expound further on your suggestion to put something  similar to the postpaid billing access option in the Prepaid menu . What specific functionality do you need?


            *143# is a continuously evolving access channel. New capabilities and enhancements are added on a regular basis to further empower our subscribers to be able to address concerns, manage their account, and easily access offers without the need to remember complicated keywords, access numbers or even need to talk to an agent.   


            Talk2Globe CHAT:  Talk2Globe Chat is accessible via the website and by texting HELP to 1234. From my understanding of your message, I take it you mean the browser based one. 


          We do apologize if at times it might seem like your Talk2Globe Representative is rushing you for a response. But rest assured, it is not their intent to be rude. You see aside from the fact that any given time, your reps are probably attending to 2 other concerns in other chat windows, with other subs waiting in queue; at the same time, they are also assessing if the conversations are still live in case a connection timeout occurs. They do this so that they can immediately close a hung session and accept a new incoming concern. Hope this helps explain the scenario.



            Talk2Globe Hotlines: Below is a quick guide on Globe's different Hotline Numbers -  


             Globe Postpaid and Prepaid Hotline  = Dial 211 on your mobile phone. Toll Free*  

             TM Hotline Number = Dial 808 on your mobile. Toll Free**

             Landline and Broadband = (02)730-1000 on any Landline or 171 on a Globe Landline


             GCash = Dial 2882 on your mobile phone.***


            *Globe Prepaid requires a minimum balance of at least 8 pesos to successfully connect to 211

            ** TM requires a minimum balance of at least 1 peso to successfully connect to 808    

            ***A valid GCash account required to connect to 2882


           - oh and a bit of trivia... if you're curious as to what our very own Community Manager Community ManagerGlennO sounds like in real life, he shared his vocal talent as one of the recordings when calling Talk2Globe. Which one? You'll have to find out yourself. -


           I hope I have been of help in addressing your post. Looking forward to hearing from you on a more regular basis.




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            how about the ivr in telesales hotline?

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              how ca i get my PUK code if my sim bed was already not in my hands now

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                I need assistance.. I'd tried to register to TM/globe promo however I received an error says that I'm still register to a different promo although it was already ended.. I'm still waiting for the message that my promo has been ended till now i haven't received that. Please confirm if I can able to register now to a different promo. Thanks