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    Help! Cancel my previous application to for my desire handset.


      Hi Globe,


      This has been my problem for almost a month. I have this pending application for a postpaid plan for my desired unit as to Plan 1299 Iphone 5s 32gb.. This have been introduced to us by one of Sales Agent in a Globe Store whom visited our office to get our applications because we are highly interested. We don't know that unit has been already out of stock. Without prior notice, the Agent pursue our application to Plan 1799 Iphone 6 with a cash-out of Php 4,800.00 which is quite pricey on our part. The courier called me to where they're going to deliver that device. I told him that I'm not going to receive that phone bring it back to where it came from since in the first place that's not the plan I applied for. And it has a cash-out of Php 4,800 though I'm able to pay the monthly plan. Then I called the one who process my application for cancellation, he said that he'll cancel it. I hold on to what he had said. After a month, I visited the Globe website and found out that my desired handset which is Iphone 5s is already available in Plan 999 with Php 500 cash-out but it's a limited stock only. First come, first approved, first serve. Once out of stock. Again, gone! Immediately, I called through Hotline and inquire for that plan. I requested the Sales Agent to first check my previous application if it's still in under my name. She said, none. So I pursue my application, I gave my personal information, sent the needed document in a small span of time hoping to avail that plan. Two days passed, someone called me whom I guess is the Sales agent over the hotline and informed me that upon seeking approval for my plan they found out that the previous application hasn't yet cancelled which frustrates me so much. Now, it's exactly one week since Customer Service of different Agent kept on telling me the same line over and over again to wait for another 24 to 48 hours for an update. I mean everyday I'm calling for a follow-up hoping to close this case immediately. I hope you could help me with this because honestly, I'm starting loose my hope, patience and temper.


      Note: Case ID - 92368016