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    PocketWifi Postpaid slow, inconsistent net connection in Valenzuela City, similar experiences?

      I had applied for postpaid pocket wifi (up to 7 mbps as advertised) last Feb, received unit late March, was able to use a week after I got my unit, which is on April. Connection was alright first 2 weeks, afterwards Ive been having dial-up speeds averaging on less than 1mbps. Has this always been the case?

      Because despite my asking for a Bill Adjustment, I was told it will be subject to the Support's approval, the same dept. responsible for ignoring my concern for more than a month. I'm actually expecting them to make me pay my bills in full for this big inconvenience. I've also thought of cutting my subscription but have been told that I will be paying for the customer service rendered from my calls for just asking for an update, on top of the full bill payment and unit. Talk about no bargaining power to the people who pay you.

      What I'd like is simple: Get AT LEAST 4MBPS CONSISTENTLY out of the advertised "up to 7mbps" service.

      If you had had bad experiences with Pocketwifi on postpaid here in Valenzuela or anywhere, please let me know so I can just switch. Thanks!
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          product compatibility is the users responsibility.
          • Bill adjustment request process? Why do I have to close an unresolved ticket for it to be approved?
            I've applied for my first ever postpaid plan with Globe March of 2013 for broadband Pocket Wifi Plan 999, the one that promised "up to 7mbps". 5 months in and I've had less than 1mbps on average, in the house or on the road. Did all the possible troubleshootings, contacted tech support, waited for response, to no avail.

            Inevitably, I had requested for a Billing adjustment last May 2013 that I'd like for it to be approved before the late bills for April and May would arrive. No adjustments were reflected in my billing statement despite all of the tickets and calls.

            - the CSRs told me that I'd have to close my ticket for the net speed complaints I've had since April for the Billing Adjustment to be approved. Why do I have to have an unresolved ticket (slow net speed) BEFORE approving my Bill Adjustment request? Isn't that disadvantageous to the consumer bec it removes the basis of the Billing Adjustment requested in the first place?
            - Can't Globe make their departments more streamlines so customers don't have to suffer bet the he-said she-said between the engineers, account specialists and tech specialists?
            - More succinct, why is Globe making it more difficult for the customers to solve their problems with all these red tapr, delaying tactics?
            - Isn't Globe violating Consumer Protection Law with false advertising?
            - Do customers have bargaining power in this situation? Bec it appears that customers are forced to pay for the hassle (no net connection, overhead for CSRs) instead of the service we've subscribed to?
            - what are the higher ups doing? Why is there no transparency by Ernest Cu?
            - why is there no public service announcement or subscriber wide notice for the estimated time of the migration process? Don't the customers deserve to be informed?
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              To update, I've received my late bills for April and May this July 2013. Both HAVE NOT been adjusted despite my request. I was told that I need to have the ticket about the net connection be closed first before the Billing Adjustment would get approved. This is contradictory bec the ticket on the net connection (issued since April) have not been resolved! And that is the basis for my Billing Adjustment request.

              Closing that would mean there will be no grounds for the engineers to approve my Bill Adjustment request bec it would assume that my issue has been resolved! I don't understand why they can't approve my Bill Adjustment request while solving the issue with my net connection. That, or they're making it difficult for customers to pay less for inadequate service AND charge them for late payments despite bill adjustment request beforehand ie., dropping the calls when asking about getting the bill adjustments resolved.

              What I see here is Globe's making it easier for them to evade issued tickets and having you pay full for bad service.

              Will any of the moderators here reply?
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                What is the basis and justification of your request for Bill adjustments?


                That you are subscribed to a plan which will give you "up to 7Mbps"?


                What is "up to 7Mbps?


                Technically they are speeds which are just greater than 0Mbps up to 7Mbps so as long as you are in between that than Globe may use that argument not to give you the bill adjustments.


                To be fair, all telcos, wired and wireless are using those kinds of advertising. It's not different from Malls and stores advertising "up to 75% off" in certain days... it's a come on that we consumers get attracted to without realizing that we've been duped but in reality the initiator did not violate anything by proclaiming such.


                Sad but that is the state of our advertising, sales and consumerism in the Philippines.