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    Delayed Handset Delivery


      Somebody from Globe called me last Tuesday, 08 December 2015, that my handset is for delivery on the 10th December 2015 (I have applied online last December 01). I have asked the agent that I prefer it to be delivered on the 11th of December (Friday) because it's a holiday here in Pampanga and I will be staying at home for the whole day. The agent confirmed with me that my handset will be delivered on Friday (I've made several reiteration to which she confirmed as well). She also mentioned that I will be notified once the courier is on his war to deliver my handset.


      December 11 came and I have stayed in my house the whole day waiting for my handset. To my dismay, no delivery happened. I have emailed Globe regarding my concern, and I was told that my handset was delivered on the 10th and the courier was not able to deliver my handset because my house was close. I was surprised as Globe agent and I agreed on Friday delivery and that no one contacted me that the delivery will be on the 10th.


      Better than sitting and waiting at my house, I went to the nearest Globe Center in my area (Marquee Mall) on December 12. The Customer Service there advised me that they don't have the capacity to answer my query as I have applied online. They gave me the number I need to call (02-730-1000). I called, an agent handled my concern, but I was also advised that they don't have the capacity to handle my concern. Better if I will email [email protected] to have my query answered faster. I emailed them and I was advised that they will follow-up the courier regarding the delivery of my handset.


      Since then, I have been email-ing and talking to Globe agents via Live chat since December 13 and until now, all response I got is that they will make a follow-up report on my query and I must keep my lines open just in case the Support Team will contact me (the most nerve-irking response I got from an agent is that the Support Team is calling me and my phone just rings and I don't answer, to which I find it even more frustrating because all my lines are perfectly working and I have never gotten any call from them!).


      Globe, all I was just asking is for the delivery status of my handset and I cannot understand why is this taking too long! I am a new subscriber and experiencing this now is too frustrating and disappointing. If you do not have time to handle my concern, just tell me right away so I won't be expecting an answer from you. Or better yet, just give me the tracking number of my handset so I can personally call the courier and communicate directly with them.


      What do you expect me to do now?

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy Baneknek! I'm really sorry for that experience. You are correct in that you deserve to be updated right away on the status of your application. May I ask if you've already received the device since posting this message? Feel free to let me know.

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            I feel for you.

            It happened to me. It happened to you.
            It can happen to anyone of us.

            When it happened to last quarter, I stormedtrooper to the Globe Store, talked to the manager.

            I went home with an iPhone 6 16GB Rose Gold for my Favorite Sister Ever.


            P.S. This is serious stuff. I waited for forever in the office on a Saturday just to wait for nothing. Grabe talaga. Oh well.