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      Can anyone explain why im having again this much bill amount? If i have a 5gb free fr. My plan , and i have consumed 5140mb? So why i have already 447 excess if 2 per mb once u have exceeded ur plan? So that means its suppose to be 280 excess only? This anti billshocked is annoying me...its not even helping?pls. Explain...coz this is the 4th time im gonna have 1500 bill..and im d only one using it.not a whole company.

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          If you always pay P1500, then you most likely consume more than 5.5GB data.

          First 5GB: P999

          Excess of the 5GB: P2 per MB


          • If your excess usage is 250.5MB or more, the additional charge would only be P501 (P447.32 x 1.12 VAT)
          • If your excess usage is only 100MB, the additional charge would be P200 (P178.57 x 1.12 VAT)

          Under the Anti-Bill Shock feature, P1500 (P999 + P501) is the maximum amount Globe can charge you for your Tattoo GoSurf Plan 999.