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    Iphone forever problem pls help


      I subscribed iphone forever last november 15,2013.

      I traded my iphone 5 to iphone 5s. The mechanics of the iphone plan is when you reach your 13th month of your contract you can exchange your phone to a newer model in this case iphone 6. There is an online reservation, my name was scheduled to sm megamall. Only for me to know my unit is not available. I waited till march to get my new phone only to get my phone disqualified by globe agents. I got my phone march 2015 paid for the disqualified phone for your guys information the phone got slight dent. Signal is working, home button is working, power button is working, screen have no sign of crack. I moved passed this issue my issue now is my contract period. I am supposed to be finish by november 2015 yet the globe agents is always telling me my contract finish is on march because i received my phone march. So if i got my iphone on december 2015 i need to pay till december 2016 and this would not be a 2 yr contract it would be a 3 years and when i asked for a copy of my contract they could not produce. One agent told me there is no more iphone forever and i would be force to recontract with the new life style plan which is okay for me. Another agent told me iphone forever is forever i just have to wait for the mechanics they just want me to simply leave the store unresolved even if i state my case they don't want to help me. for past 2 years, i paid my monthly dues. Now they are delaying resolution. What should i do... :(