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    Please cut my postpaid plan.


      Hindi ko mainintndhan bakit umabot ng 20k ang balance ko. Since na report ko na naholdap skin ang simcard at hndi ko man lang nagamit ito. AT isa pa walang nagrresponse sa mga email ko. At walang dumating na bill skin! Hindi ko nagamit yan! Pero bakit sobrang laki ng bill ko!!!

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy Julay. Sorry to hear about what happened, but your billing statement should clearly indicate where the charges are coming from. If you had lost your SIM card, you could go to our nearest Globe store to have the SIM replaced so the culprit wouldn't be able to use the stolen SIM card on their end. Hope this helps.

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            The lost of your phone or simcard does not extinguished or exclude you from paying your monthly bill until the end of your contract period. 

            You should have reported the incident to Globe about it. So it's not Globe's fault that you are billed that amount.