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    Postpaid Plan Follow Up




      I applied for postpaid plan last December.17,2015. We need to wait for a very long time since there are so many customer's wants to apply for postpaid account with Globe Postpaid. Globe has a great service, i don't have any problems with that. My concern is,as the representative at the store mentioned at the Globe shop, someone will call you after 2 hours, waited for it then finally after 3 hours someone called in and asked if i am the one who applied for postpaid plan. I answered all questions they needed and asked for different contact number related to our company. I informed my Immediate supervisor regarding my postpaid plan and she waits for the call the whole day til another days comes by no one called me back. I tried to contact Globe Support and ask assistance regarding my application but still they will create a case and i need to wait for 24 to 48 hours. i called support TWICE. this is so frustrating.

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          As of the moment, You can get a Globe Plan depending on the credentials you presented that may go 24-48 hours. I recommend going back to the said store and finalize any requirement they need.

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            Hi calvin12345 

            For Globe Plan 999 and below, outright approval by the store manager is allowed. Your application will be subject to approval by the store manager in hours. Once approved, you can bring home your unit and sim. 

            However, for plan 1799 and above, you application will be forwarded to Globe's main office for verification and approval. Since it is the main office handling your application, it would take longer period than what they keep saying 24-48 hours. Even a month. 

            That's how it runs with globe.

            Brace yourself cause your frustration is only just beginning. Goodluck!

            Happy holidays!