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    Where have all the new handset stocks for recontracting gone? Why isn't Globe doing anything about it?


      Would just like to know if Globe is doing anything to replenish their handset stocks for recontracting/loyalty customers. I've been consistently following up via hotline and through Globe stores whether you've already stocked up on the Galaxy S6 64GB version, and more than two months have passed and Globe has yet to provide any specific date when they will restock handsets for recontracting subscribers. Most I've talked to have merely provided rhetorics that yes, sometime in the future (god knows when) handsets will be restocked, but no, we don't know when exactly, so call (AGAIN) in two weeks. At this rate, S6 stocks will probably be available once the S7 will have probably been released. Likewise, why should I be the one to follow up with you on the availability of the handset in order for my recontracting to be processed? Shouldn't Globe be the one actively informing customers that they should recontract? The fact that you've already allotted existing handset units to possible new subscribers only reflects the mindset that you don't care about existing subscribers because hey, there will be new subscribers you can still milk cash from.


      From what I've read here, there are A LOT of people experiencing the same problem. Maybe that's something to be alarmed with, Globe, and it should be more than enough to do something quickly about it. We're all paying customers, so you just can't keep languishing about and ignoring our complaints. Also, no need to tell me to inquire (AGAIN) via hotline because I've done that, nor to assure me that someone will contact me regarding this because so far, no one has, and I doubt they can provide me a categorical answer regarding this.


      So, please, would just really like to know if Globe has somehow managed to procure X number of units of so and so handsets, which will be delivered by approximately this date. That way I know Globe actually cares about its existing loyal and paying customers and that it won't let issues like this fall through the cracks.