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    Recontracting cancelled again and again


      Seriously Globe, if you don't want to keep me on as a customer, please just say so and I will go ahead and gladly cancel my plan with you.


      My plan (Superplan 1799) was due for recontracting on November 22, 2015 (this I learned by actually counting and looking through some old receipts - no calls, no texts, no notification at all from you, by the way). I went into one of your stores and asked about it at the time and was advised that the best option would be to call in and ask about it since the stocks for recontracting customers are different. I really did not want to go this route as I have seen time and time again with my father while he was with you that contacting your reps over the phone for recontracting is less than useless (He has since switched to Smart and there have been ZERO troubles with him getting a new phone whenever he is due for recontracting, but I digress).


      Upon sensing my dismissiveness at contacting you, your rep at the store proactively then mentioned that he could still process it on their end and would contact me about it when they receive their stocks (iPhone 6s). I signed a couple of stuff signifying intention to avail.


      Came back a week later (no calls, no texts, no emails) to follow up, the lady at the store then said that they really could not process any recontracting requests on the store and they had no record of anything I signed or filled out. "Fine", I thought, "it's my fault for not going through the prescribed channel". And besides, it's been four years since my Dad went through that entire ordeal with his recontracting with Globe, so I thought, "Hey, they've probably improved on how they do their business".


      Big Mistake.


      So anyway, I decided to call you guys up first week of December. Was informed there was no stock, but asked to call back in a week or two. Called up again on December 11 and was told you just received some units and that you could process it already. As we were going through the application, the rep said my current credit limit needed to be updated (my credit limit at the time was 1796, which is weird in itself because my plan was 1799, I called you guys about this two years ago to have it updated and you asked me to forward payslips, COE's and tax returns, which I did, but the issue just never got resolved and... well that's another story altogether).


      Your rep advised me to go to a Globe store and submit a COE to have it updated since there were limited stocks for the unit at the time, in fact, he said he could count the number of units with his fingers in one hand and he wanted me to receive my new phone before my birthday. So I went to your store and submitted a COE (I had one handy) and the credit limit was updated right there and then to 4000 pesos. Wow, they've really stepped up on their customer service, I thought. This was looking really good.


      So I called again (same day). Your rep processed the recontracting and gave me the details of what my new plan would be and gave me a reference number to use on your website to track the order. I ordered an iPhone 6s Space Gray and was assured (I repeat, ASSURED) that the unit would arrive on 12/18 (or sooner). He also said there was a tattoo account that I needed to pay outstanding balance on upon delivery of the unit. I told him I could settle it sooner, but he told me that it was alright and to just wait for the delivery of the unit "kasi magugulo daw yung sa system namin". All right, fair enough. Good Job Globe!


      Or so I thought.


      I received a missed call (note: it was ONE ring and the call dropped, not giving me a chance to answer it) and then after that, a text on 12/17 saying that you were glad at me "being interested in renewing your contract with us" and you would "call me in a while to discuss your offers with me".

      Wait, that doesn't sound right.

      I'm not "interested" in renewing my contract, because I thought I already did, and I certainly don't need you to "discuss offers with me" because we already discussed your offers last Friday and we agreed that you were already shipping my unit. So I waited. One hour. No call. Two hours. No call. Three Hours. No call. Four Hours. No call.

      I was, of course, already alarmed at this point, so I called you guys up to make sure everything was good. Your rep said it was all good, he even said that my unit was already dispatched from the warehouse and on its way to me. I just needed to wait for tomorrow and it would be delivered. Hmmm. But the rep told me last time that it might arrive earlier? Oh, but anyway, I thought, they did say 12/18, so I guess the right expectation was set. Oh, and by the way, the "tracking number" the rep gave earlier? Didn't work on the website. Rep said there may just have been technical issues.

      Come 12/18. No phone yet. I check the website with the tracking number. No go. I called up at 12nn to check on the status of the delivery, your rep ASSURED (again, ASSURED) that it would arrive within the day and the delivery window was until 5pm. Fair enough, let's give it until that time. 4:00 PM, no phone. I decided to chat with one of your reps.

      Your live chat rep again ASSURED that it would arrive at 5PM. A few minutes later, she goes to say that the delivery people will extend if necessary to make sure the phone arrives and make sure my lines were open. What? That's not right, but oh well, at least it's still on the same day.

      I received another MISSED call (again, ONE ring, not giving me a chance to answer). Alarmed, I ask your chat rep that I received a call and asked if the numer (02) 720 1410 was one of yours. She immediately answers "No". Still alarmed at this point, I search the number in Google and lo and behold! it's one of your numbers! I told the rep this and after a few minutes, she goes on and reASSURES me that the unit will be arriving today because everything is in order.


      Apparently not, because a minute or two later, she goes on to ask me if i cancelled my order.


      I tell her that I most certainly did not and she proceeds to tell me that this rep named "John" cancelled my order without any notes on doing so at around 4:40pm. I tell her that that's impossible because there is no reason for me to be chatting with you and waiting like an idiot the entire day if I was just going to cancel the order. I proceed to tell her that that missed call I received was the culprit for the cancellation and that I did not understand why my order was cancelled without any form of communication at all. The chat was disconnected at some point in this.


      So naturally, I call you up to get to the bottom of this and one of your reps gives me the exact same details that the chat rep gave me.  I ask for a Supervisor at this point, but was told the Supervisor was busy with another customer (please, though, don't give me that BS. I work as an operations manager in a call center and I know EXACTLY what you mean when you use that line). I told him I would wait and explained my story. Your rep explained that the actual dispatch of your phones was handled by another department and this was where this "John" was from. So I said, fine, connect me to that department and he says that that department is an outbound only department. I said, okay, then give me a supervisor now. He says the supervisor is still engaged. So I ask if there's only one supervisor and he says no, it's just that his team is assigned that specific supervisor. So give me a supervisor from another team, I say. Long wait. No supervisor. Your rep says he's going to create a case for this, and it would be forwarded to the outbound department. I proceed to tell him that I have very little faith in that department because so far, all they've been doing is giving me one ring missed calls. Your rep then proceeds to give me this sob story about how he received a call like this yesterday and that that department was able to dispatch a phone for that customer today. I then tell him, "well that's maybe where my phone went" and go ahead and tell him that I thought this was possibly your workaround for getting things done in your center. He responds with "hindi naman siguro sir", then goes and gives me this: that he would create the case and follow up on it personally as well as give me a call personally to update me. He then tells me that in addition to that, he would process my order again on his end so that in any case, i would receive my phone with whatever resolution comes first. And that he PERSONALLY would be calling me up to update me on the status.


      I don't know why I bought that line. Maybe I still had a bit of faith in you, I don't know. So anyway, he processes it and assures me that I would get a phone by the next week. On Wednesday or Thursday (12/23 or 12/24). Fine. Whatever.


      So on Monday, 12/21, I get another text from you guys saying that you were glad at me "being interested in renewing your contract with us" and you would "call me in a while to discuss your offers with me".


      What the proverbial F? I don't really have the time to call you up again to clarify this, so I just decided to wait. 2 hours. No call. Three hours. No call. I could just not deal with your BS at that time and decided to call you up in the next morning.


      I did. Yesterday, 12/22. And OH WOW, no record of my order or anything that was discussed last Friday with the last rep. Seriously?!? Not only that, the only stock left was a Silver model and that it would not be delivered until 12/31. I said fine, screw this, process that order, but mark my words: If I do not receive this or this gets screwed up one more time, then that's it, I'm done with you clowns because your ads say that i only get the 10GB per month deal if I recontract before 12/31. Good luck in collecting anything from me. I tell your rep this is the third time I've heard your disclosures, but fine, go ahead with it anyway.


      The rep, of course, apologizes and tells me you may have had system issues and that she would provide me a reference number and receive that same number via text a few minutes later, and she emphasizes that this (referring to the text) is probably not something the previous reps who processed my order were not able to do. Big whoopee! A text with a reference number. I know how these things work. All it takes is a mouse click to send correspondence with a reference number. A few other things: yeah, your outbound reps are probably doing "tricks" in order for stocks to refresh and wrap up their calls with a satisfied customer, that PLUS the fact that you're closing cases without speaking to customers in order to just close cases.  You need to get to the bottom of this and lay off all those employees because they're not doing your business any good. Unless that really is the way you want you business to be run, in which case I offer a hearty "Good Job".


      So I'm receiving, wait no, expecting to receive a phone on 12/31. The last day of the effing year! Do you even deliver on the last day of the year?!? Way past the earlier expectation of the rep who "wanted me to get it in time for my birthday". Oh, and if your delivery person gives me any sh*t about my driver's license (as I indicated it as the ID I would present)...


      Seriously, if you don't want my business, then just go on ahead and say so (although this experience was probably your big way of telling me that), I will gladly move on over to the competition. Stop trying to get my hopes up and wasting my time because both my time and patience are far too precious for me to just wait around the house for a delivery or a call that you have no intention of processing.


      My account number's 89096888, by the way, if you have any intention of rectifying or holding people accountable, by the way (although, at this point, my faith in that is just about zero).