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    Puerto Galera Globe LTE signal Bands, much more information needed on this topic


      I live in puerto galera, recently people have said they have LTE on globe here. My friend has a Nexus 6 with a lte globe sim and its confirmed its on LTE.  Some people have the new Globe routers B315s model and also have LTE. 


      The problem is I have an xperia Z2, a Huawei  B593s-22 and Huawei E5776 none of them get LTE with my globe LTE sim


      So i assume it has to do with supported LTE bands, can anyone tell me what I'm missing or what pocket wifi or usb stick i need to access the newer LTE bands for globe?  Or is that the issue?


      I do believe its LTE bands, my girlfriend has a Xionami Redmi2 , which supports lte band 41 but with a globe lte sim , still doesnt get LTE.


      So what i am missing about the bands ?