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    GCash Mastercard


      Greetings, how long do I have to wait for the activation of the master card is it really 24 hours? I tried to buy something a while ago from googleplay to test it and gcash deducted 60 pesos on my account even though the transaction was cancelled.

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          edit: sorry for double posting seems like that 60 php is deducted when I registered the master card as payment for google wallet. Also when I check my virtual payment in the site it is still American Express... I relinked my Gcash account today because of my KYC problem and it seems like my KYC is now working fine because I got a sms a while ago after getting my Beep MasterCard. I am just making sure that I need to wait 24 hours because I need to buy something before December 25 hits...


          hope someone reply this morning tnx alot.


          edit2: nvm I used my AMEX that is connected to my GCash even though I also relinked my Master Card yesterday it seems that AMEX is working.. guess case solved for now... I managed to buy what I want but well probably I will visit again some globe outlets to check my issue.. I am sure my AMEX will end till this year only as I check the subscription part.