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    Postpaid Mobile Data Question/Issue


      I "re-contracted" my plan last month when I got a new Edge+. I went from the 1799 monthly plan w/3Gb monthly data limit to 1499 plan w/5Gb data limit. Since my Globe DSL connection has been down for 3 days I have been using the mobile data quite a bit. Today I called the help desk to inquire how much of the 5Gb I've used and ask when the billing cycle will start over. The rep told me I had no data plan because they had not included the data plan when I re-contracted. I had to explain to her that the 5Gb data plan is included in the 1499 plan (999 GoSurf). They have been charging me per download Kb since date of new contract!!

      I'm flabbergasted. I want to know how does this happen? Do they not read their own plans on their own website?