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    Recontracting and Bill Rebates


      My 30-month contract ended on December 17 so I called the hotline (27301300) on December 15 to inquire about my "recontracting" options. The agent discussed with me all the possible options as well as the loyalty rewards I can avail of. After some time talking to the agent, I came to the decision to just get bill rebates as my loyalty reward and have my current plan, Best Ever MySuperPlan 1799, changed to MyLifestylePlan 1799 (because according to the agent it was necessary so that I'd get the bill rebates). I got 350 pesos bill rebates for that. I was quite happy with that until my friend told me (after the call, obviously) that getting bill rebates would mean that I'm going to be locked with Globe for another 24 months. I got really confused because the agent told me that the only way that I would have to be locked in a particular contract period is if I got a new phone (which I obviously didn't do). I was wondering if anyone knows if this is true and if there's any way to revert this. I don't wanna be tied with Globe for the next two years since I'm considering leaving the country in between the first and second quarters of 2016. I just want to retain my number until I leave, plus I don't wanna go through the hassle of switching to prepaid.

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          Not one from Globe would want to answer this but IT USED  TO BE that getting bill rebates, a subscriber could opt out anytime he wants and I have done this before.


          However, there is no clarity with Globe now as they still give different answers and from the recent changes in their price structure where phones and devices are not anymore subsidized by the company, one would wonder if the policy still holds. Even their rebates have gone drastically down from around 47% of the plan to just 20%.


          When I terminated a recent plan, a 20% rebate was being offered in the condition that I get locked in for 24 months but I did not bite nor minded it as I just did not need it anymore.


          Best is to get in touch with your account manager through the hotline and going to "Plan Renewal, Loyalty and Rewards" and ask straight from them. Be sure to get the name of the person you would be talking to in order to quote them on this.