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    Globe network is not available

      1. Hi! I am a prepaid globe subscriber. But I have not used my other globe number for quite a long while. I was thinking maybe that number is no long active. But today I tried to buy a prepaid load for my globe sim thinking that if its no longer active then the loading station would be informed and the load transaction wouldn't be possible (I know this because it happened to me before so I didn't think it would be risky to buy 150 load when I know that my number is idle for quite some time) my problem now is that it was confirmed that my number received the 150 amount but I couldn't make a call or send a text.. It said no registered network or globe network not available.. I don't know if it's just because of the Christmas season that's why the globe network is not available; or if it's because my sim was idle.. I dunno.. Help! Please and thank you.. And if it's the latter, is there any way I could reactivate? because I want to consume that 150load I bought.
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          I believe that if the load was reloaded your sim card successfully, then the sim card was not yet deactivated/expired, actually the sim card will expired after 120 days of no reloading and chargeable transaction after the last reloading was expired. It's possible that the sim card was already defective that's why you can't make transaction, but I advised you to call the hotline to check the status of the sim card, i really believe that they have access to check the status of your sim as well as the reloading to your account. If they check that the sim card was already expired, and since the load was successfully reloaded to your account, they can process the reversal to other globe sim card for you to use the 150 load you reload.But if the sim card was still active and they already check your number to the system that there's no any problem, you can process the sim replacement in globe store, that is free of charge, just bring the sim and 2 valid id's. Don't worry the load, points you earned will retrieve to your new sim card with the same number. I know this because I'm from the Customer Service Hotline before.


          hope this help