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    Delayed Delivery -_-


      I was told that my handset would be delivered last 14th and yes the courier called me only to tell me that they had the wrong handset. He was even LAUGHING as he talked to me. I know it's none of my business or if he was laughing with someone but HOW RUDE tho. So I made a couple of follow-ups and received a call last 17th confirming the new schedule of delivery on the 19th. Then I told her if I could change the mode of payment to COD instead of card so she told me she didn't know how long it would take so yeah what could I do but wait. I waited and waited but nothing happened. The last call I received was on the 17th and that's it. This is disappointing. I was supposed to get the phone last 14th but thanks to them for having the wrong phone I wasn't able to. Had I known this would happen, I would've let them deliver it last 19th and pay COD. They wouldn't mind anyway. -_- and it's just taking too long and is annoying too. The agents kept saying they'll make a report and escalate etc. But nothing happened. I know it's Christmas and all but I think Globe has the capability to cater their clients knowing that it's a big company. So yeah, just expressing my disappointment and frustration. Instead of having my load and internet paid monthly, here I am doing it the prepaid way.