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    Globe locked iPhone 5s


      So my cousin gave me an iPhone 5s which came and was bought from Canada (was used for a while using the Rogers Network at Canada)

      After receiving it, I tried going to Greenhills para mapaGLOBE UNLOCK sya. Mejo hirap ako makahanap ng mga maguunlock sa globe, but I asked this guy Rolly and he said na kaya niyang iunlock yung phone para makagamit ng Globe sim. He installed this application to my phone through his iTunes named something like "GPP" something. And attempted to unlock my phone. After a couple of attempts, naunlock nya and naginsert sya ng globe sim. And it worked, he then said na wag ko munang iupdate sa newest or current version yung phone ko, which was at that time at version 7. something. Weeks passed and nagagamit ko ng maayos yung phone ko and then one day bigla nalang syang nagerror like always nagrerequire ng phone activation and unfortunately one time nagpop up na "Sim not valid" and when I try to activate it over and over again same pa din and minsan nagaactivation error pa. I didnt have any choices but to use other phone and leave my iphone without any sim, and sa ngayon ginagamit ko sya for internet surfing, games, etc. something like that. I then tried checking the settings of my phone. After checking, I saw that the carrier listed in my phone is Globe (Globe 23.0 yung nakalagay). Pero di ko pa din sya magamitan ng globe sim. I haven't gone to Greenhills to ask "kuya Rolly" about it kasi I just want to find any other ways to fix it appropriately so Im here asking assistance and tips for those who know how to fix this problem of mine. Sorry, mejo di maayos yung explanation ko but please bear with it. I hope I could find a way to fix it here.

      Thank you in advance for those who'll give me tips/guides/ways on how to fix this problem.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy! Sorry to hear about your rather confusing experience. First and foremost, I want to clarify that your phone is not Globe-locked. Rather, it is locked to its original carrier which is Rogers. When a device is Globe-locked, that means you can only use a Globe SIM card on that device, which is the case when the device was acquired from Globe. Since your iPhone 5s was originally from Rogers then the device is locked to their network, not Globe's.


          At the moment, we do not offer unlocking services. What I can advise you to do, however, is to take the device back to this "Kuya Rolly" so he could have another go at it considering it was him who tinkered with the device to begin with. I'm curious about how this will go so feel free to keep us posted here of any developments.


          Happy holidays!