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    Question on Spotify Premium 129


      Good day to everyone. Sorry if you saw this post for a second time. Just quite confused on where to post this.


      I am a Prepaid user who has a concern about Globe's Spotify Premium 129 promo (30 days). I just subscribed to this promo yesterday (1 January 2016) at around 8:30pm, tapos activated na po yung Premium ko. Prior to that, I subscribed to GoSURF50 which is bound to expire today (2 January 2016) at around 9:00 pm.


      If the GoSURF50 promo expires, will my Spotify Premium 129 promo be gone as well? I hope my PhP129.00 worth of prepaid credits don't go to waste, dahil as far as I know, I have to subscribe to GoSURF before I can register to Spotify Premium.


      Hoping to get an answer regarding this concern. Thanks.