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    Iphone 6 plus NO incoming and outgoing calls


      Hi Globe!

      I've been a globe subscriber (postpaid plan with Iphone 6 plus as Gadget) since April 2015. I have no problem with my network since then.  But recently, starting from the second week of December 2015, I have this problem making outgoing calls and even receiving incoming calls whenever I am inside my house and a few meters away from where I am staying at.


      I have already contacted globe customer service thru telephone call and had followed and performed the troubleshooting techniques the agent suggested. Since there was no significant positive outcome of that, I decided to go to the customer service of the Globe Store where I applied my postpaid plan. There, they had my sim replaced (with the same number of course).


      Since it didn't solve the problem, I went back to the store and they had filed or submitted my "case". Since then, I have discovered that the network may not be the problem but my device. When i inserted my postpaid sim to another device while inside my house, i was able to make and receive a call. But when i inserted another postpaid sim on my iphone 6 plus, also that sim/number cannot make and receive a call.


      Tonight i decided to update my Software to IOS 9.2 but still,it did not resolve the problem.


      SMS and Cellular data is good therefore I can say that it is not about "Dead spot" or "No Signal".


      Pls reply as for what necessary actions should I take. I am using this phone for my work and it already caused me trouble when I wasn't able to receive a call from my Boss.


      Also pardon the long message. I hope this inquiry is  clear and understandable. Thanks!