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    Planning to get a plan..


      Me and me girlfriend is planning to get a plan ( Iphone 5s Whitebox ). I heard that to be able to get a plan at Globe, you must be employed at least 1 year, well, my GF is already working in a non-BPO company for more than a year while I'm working in a BPO company for almost 10 months. My question is, will globe let me have this plan with my tenure with the company?   -Thanks  Godspeed :3

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          The only way to find out is to apply personally in a Globe Store (not online unless you want a lot of delays).

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            BPO/Call Center employee below managerial level AND with tenure less than two years.


            In your case, your tenure is already 10 months.

            Aside from standard requirements for new line application, Six months pre-payment of monthly service fee + 1 month Advance monthly service fee is needed if you will be getting a handset. you also need to enroll to Globe Guaranty Program.


            please call (02) 730-1010 for additional information.

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