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    BDO mobile prepaid reload


      Hi. I've been trying to enroll my globe tattoo number in BDO mobile prepaid reloading but it keeps on saying that my number is not valid for this network. My number prefix is 0995. I've also tried enrolling another number before with a 0905 prefix and it was accepted. Pls. help. Thank you.

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          I think your concern should be reported to BDO.. try to leave a message on Contact Us | BDO Unibank, Inc. or contact them on numbers listed on their page...

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            I have the same issue. Sobrang hassle! Even the OTP is not accepting this number. As per the BDO customer support, the issue is with Globe not updating their list to BDO.


            "We regret the inconvenience.


            Globe provided only list of mobile number (in prefixes) that can be enrolled and reloaded via BDO Online Banking. We regret that your mobile number is not included in the list thus, it cannot be enrolled for reloading.


            For 0995 prefix, the acceptable mobile number range from 800000 to 999999, 1100000 to 1199999 or 5000000 to 5999999.


            Thank you and good day."