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    2151 stopage


      Hi can i get the confirmation or case number for the stopage of this 2151 gamepad fraud of yous

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy! I'm not quite sure I understand. Can you describe this in more detail?

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              I did request fir the stopage of that 2151 and i am still waiting for a call back from a sup together with the case number

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                To address your concern on Gamepad, you may call our Customer Support at 0917 643 7770 or email us at [email protected].

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                    why was i charged with 50? i did not subscribe to you... i don't like subscribing...please bring me back my 50 pesos load..sayang din yun..bihira lang ako magload for emergencies esp for follow ups if may problema sa parents ko namalayo sakin...ngayon kinain nyo yung load ko

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                    To whom it may concern:

                    Subject: Gamepad 2151 Scamming and Irresponsible Technical, CSR Personnel


                    I am writing this letter to express my deepest disappointment, and to demand an immediate action to resolve these issues with GLOBE and its technical and CSR personnel regarding their handling of my problem on my prepaid account/mobile number: 09177384743, of which GAMEPAD 2151 is constantly plundering/scamming 5.00 pesos daily, even though I did not subscribed to any of its services, up until now.

                    Allow me to enumerate the following circumstances that pushed me to file this complaint:


                    1. 1. That on September 21, 2016, while I’m traveling from my residence to Pampanga, I have decided to load an amount of 100.00 pesos to my mobile number in one of the stores around the vicinity of Victory Liner terminal in Olongapo City.  After I finished my transaction, I received a text message from ‘AutoLoadMAX’ stating the following: “P100.00 pesos of prepaid credits was loaded to ur mobile# 09177384743 by 09957009341. Trace No: 1160581596 09/21/2016 05:03 am”. Several minutes passed when I decided to subscribed to 8080 GOTSCOMBODD70, which is later confirmed by a text also coming from 8080.  Around 8:04 am, to my surprise, 2151 sent me a text message stating the following: “GAMEPAD: You’ve successfully registered to GamePad! Your username is 639177384743 and password is 534384”; and followed by another text message stating: “GAMEPAD: You’ve successfully subscribed to GamePad DAILY VIP Club. Free for 3-days and you will be charged P5/day after FREE trial”. Thinking that it may just be a technical glitch which GLOBE would later correct, I decided to ignore the messages since I am fully confident that I did not subscribe to anything other than my subscription to 8080 GOTSCOMBODD70;


                    1. 2.    Upon noticing that GAMEPAD 2151 really deducted 5.00 pesos from my remaining prepaid credits on September 24, 2016, which was validated by a text message they sent via 2151 around 11:19 am, the following day, September 25, 2016, I have decided to call the customer care hotline of GLOBE to inform them that such subscription was never been made and I demanded to terminate the services of GAMEPAD and the return of my ‘stolen’ prepaid credits. The CSR assured me that he forwarded a report to their technical department and an investigation is on its way to determine the cause of such irregularities coming from GAMEPAD.  On September 27, 2016, after noticing again that after a day since I initially called GLOBE customer care, GAMEPAD 2151 was re-activated and deducted 5.00 pesos to my prepaid credits, I called again GLOBE hotline to be updated on what happened to my earlier complaint. Another report was made, but the same result occurred, GAMEPAD continued to pilfer my prepaid credits. A series of calls was made dating from September 25, 2016 to October 8, 2016, promises and excuses were made, but no concrete resolution for my complaint was ever done, because the problem is still recurring the following day;


                    1. 3.    On three occasions, I did demand to talk to the supervisors of the CSRs that I have talked to, they said my complaint has been “escalated” to the technical team in order for them to block permanently any subscription or advertisement coming from GAMEPAD 2151 and they assured me that they are going inform me about the details of their actions, it never happened. The two supervisors named “MIKE” (October 1, 2016) and “NANCY” (October 3, 2016)  gave me a time frame ranging from 24 hours up to 48 hours to permanently block GAMEPAD, again, it never happened. That 24 to 48 hours self-imposed time frame was a sham because it deceived me, when I demanded for an accountability on their part, it only fall on deaf ears, citing excuses that only NTC can it stop. The last supervisor I spoke with, named “NICK” (October 8, 2016), only wants me to key-in some key words which I have already sent time in again, but to no avail. For me, that literally broke the camel’s back.


                    Our continued patronage to GLOBE Telecoms is an expression of trust and confidence, therefore I believe that those values are sacred and must be appreciated by the company by proving ‘quality services’ and ‘protection against scams’.


                    I demand an official explanation regarding this matter and an immediate cessation of unsolicited services that scams us, the subscribers.


                    Very truly yours


                    SGD. JAN GARCIA


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                    me too what is this for?---> GAMEPAD: You have been charged PHP5.00 for 1 day access to Quality Package service. Quit? Reply STOP ALL. Help? Email: [email protected] or call 0917

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                      HI all,


                      you can opt out by texting STOP P3D to 2151

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                        3 days ago, I recieved a text about signing up on gamepad. I assumed it was globe and I didn't bother reading the whole thing. Now, I was charged Php 5.00. I immediately stopped the service and emailed them.


                        They told me that I clicked on something using my mobile browser that made me sign up. This is impossible since I'm very careful on what I'm clicking. I haven't even entered my mobile number on a website recently. They told me to clear my browsing history so that I won't be subscribed again. They also told me that they can only do reversal for prepaid customers. I am a postpaid customer. How stupid.


                        I got to say, this is getting out of hand, Globe.

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                          I just received this message this morning. Good thing my activity was limited between me using my phone and the SMS message so I was able to isolate what I did when it happened.


                          I discovered through my browser history that a call to game pad was made through a pop up window. However, the disturbing part does not end there.


                          Upon closer inspection of the URL, there was a parameter called MSISDN. Guess what was in it? My phone number! As plain as day game pad was able to get my number!


                          Further research lead me to discussions in stack exchange. Before you blame your phone, the discussion explains that the MSISDN is a header data that is passed ONLY via mobile data and is disclosed ONLY BY YOUR MOBILE PROVIDER. In short, Globe was deliberately transmitting your phone number to third party websites! This is a serious breach in our privacy.


                          The silver lining to all of this is that not all sites have access to this. I tried running a browser client check through various diagnostic websites and that number is not there. However, repeatedly accessing the page I went earlier always throws in my phone number.


                          Here's what the partial URL call to game pad looks like (host and phone number removed) :




                          So it is no longer suspicion. It is confirmation of Globe's connivance!

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                            And they just wont stop.

                            They charged me today. June 22, 2017.


                            Perhaps a class action lawsuit against these people is in order. Here are the points to consider:


                            1. GAMEPAD knows our prepaid mobile number. Where the heck did they get it from? I've never subscribed to their service.


                            2. GAMEPAD and GLOBE are partners. GLOBE is getting a cut from the revenues of its partners. If GAMEPAD is liable, then GLOBE is too.


                            3. GAMEPAD's business model seems to be to automatically opt in globe's subscribers to their service. They deduct from our prepaid load without our authorization. That's plain stealing. Of course, my premise would fall flat if I'm to be told that it is actually LEGAL and legitimate for GAMEPAD to opt-in everyone to their service as long as they are a GLOBE subscriber.


                            4. If GLOBE knows this is happening and is not doing anything to stop this, then we could include them as respondents.


                            5. Is this happening on a massive scale? How many of us are affected? Will GAMEPAD ever stop? Will GLOBE take notice?