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    How to activate call waiting on my phone?


      Good evening Globe Community! I'm Kyle, and I'm relatively new to the discussion boards. To kick off my first (of probably many) questions, I'd like to ask how I can activate the call waiting feature on my phone. I've tried all possible solutions on different online forums but none of them worked. The solutions include:

      1. Resetting the Network Settings within the phone
      2. Calling *43# to activate the call waiting feature (which comes up as "Unknown error performing request"
      3. Resetting/reformatting the entire phone
      4. Taking the sim out of the phone and putting it back in

      Eventually, I gave up and decided to ask for help within the Globe Community on the off chance that someone had had the same problem as me. Also, thank you in advance to those willing to provide solutions!


      Edit: My phone is an iPhone 5S with its iOS updated to 9.2.