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    Tattoo unauthorized daily deductions


      My tattoo prepaid load is being deducted P10 per day, I've already reported it to the helpline since first week of January 2016, but the unauthorized deductions persist to this day. I did not subscribe to any promo -- the only promo I tried to avail was the GoSURF299 last December which I disputed since I only got 700MB instead of the advertised 1.5GB for 30 days. The Globe store refunded the unused P150 credit last 31 December but ever since, I've noticed P10 deductions almost on a daily basis. I've reported it to the helpline which up to this day, still has yet to give me feedback. Globe representatives in the helpline cannot trace these unauthorized deductions - I tried to text "Stop All" to various 4-digit number (value added services?) but they say I'm not subscribed to any promo. I am very displeased with Globe -- they should at least provide information on why my load is being debited without authorization. Whether or not they refund the unused P150 is now immaterial to me -- two thumbs DOWN, Globe.