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    iPhone 5s whitebox Plan 1299 unbilled usage. Help!??


      Good day!


      My girlfriend and I applied for iPhone 5s whitebox Plan 1299 and got our units last Monday (11 January 2016). Since my girlfriend is based in Manila and I'm in Mindanao and we got the units in Mindanao, I shipped the unit to manila and was received by her on the 13th. Upon using it for one day, she received a text message from 888 which goes like this,


      "We would like to inform you in advance that your unbilled usage is 694.59 as of 2016-01-14...".


      When she inquired the details of this unbilled usage using the *143#, the breakdown shows additional charge of 694.59 of internet usage.


      But when she checked her cellular data usage, it was around 1GB (note that the plan is inclusive of 3GB surfing).


      I think there's something wrong in globe's billing system. please do help me on this. Thanks.