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    Downgrade Iphone 6s 1799 plan


      Hi, I am just new. Hoping some help. I just got my new Iphone 6s in a 1799 plan. But I realized the 1799/monthly is too much for my monthly budget. Can I downgrade it or just change it to prepaid?

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          You can either downgrade or upgrade your plan, even within your contract duration. Doing either one is applicable to termination fees. You will be asked to pay the cost of your iphone before downgrading. But once your done with the 2 years, no fees will be required before downgrading.

          Remember you are bound with the terms and conditions you signed when you applied for the plan. 

          The sudden realization that 1799 is too much is rather lame. Why did you apply in the first place? Now that the precious iPhone 6s is in your hand suddenly, it's light weight is too heavy for you too handle? If you know what i mean. Anyway, if you really can't handle the monthly cost, let a trustworthy friend who can pay, use the plan with the unit instead.

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