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    Finding the correct package


      Hi all


      I'm looking for a series of packages with the following requirements.



      Mobile broadband (I would consider using a mifi device) - use around 2-3GB/month or 1GB if I have home wifi

      SMS messages - at least 50 month, prefer more

      Call - at least 30 mins/month, not a heavy user



      Eventually need a service suitable for unlimited streaming of Netflix and other streaming services. Wifi to connect up to five consecutive devices.


      Business (SME):

      Need a fast and reliable Internet connection suitable for at least ten consecutive wifi connections (possibly more). I don't want to be counting usage. I do have a spare router.


      Additional requirements:

      Initially I don't want anything post-paid. I'm thinking of starting with a data package on my existing phone and a mifi device on pre-pay. When I'm ready I'm looking for a post-paid broadband. My lifestyle is connected - I'm constantly making calls using WeChat, Skype, Viber and FB messenger, other times I stream television on at least one device (sometimes at the same time). I don't want to be counting usage.