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    where is your create menu in this welcome screen.


      Am I a new subscriber?.  If so, then a welcome screen would be nice so that I can confirm that I was accepted as a subscriber and that  I am a welcomed subscriber. Maybe the screen should  show all the information you got from me so that I could confirm if the informmation is correct.  After the correction, maybe an option to print the welcome screen so that I can keep an information hard copy in case you would like to verify certain things in the future.


      once that is finish the all the advantages of being a part of the of the globe community, what are my rights and privileges.  and like all rights and privileges MY RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUNITY.  And maybe what we can do to help the Philippines as a whole.


      Featuring member of the community like what you did is nice. I hope you ask permission before you feature a person.  Some people are very shy and low profile.


      thanks.  Looking forward on your reposnes