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    LTE PLAN 1299 perks and confusion :)


      I am subscribe to plan 1299 in behalf of my cousin because the installation happens when I am still at work. His email address is the one being subscribe at hooq. I actually contacted globe CS to ask for the activation code because its been a week already and still I can't enjoy fully the perks of my plan. Within 24 hours I received the code. I tried to make another account so I could use the code and activate my plan subscription for hooq but it turned out to be a trial and the code is invalid for that account. So, I tried logging in using the hooq account of my cousin that is being set up by a globe agent during installation. As i browse the page, went to 'my plan" because I am taking chances that the code I received will be of use for me to enjoy the perks, it is said that i cannot modify my plan because it is billed through globe. (Broadband Hardbundle) What does it mean? The code is automatically been set up to the account?Is it free or I'll have payment afterwards?I tried clicking the movie. It actually played. Can I watch movies as many as i want or it depends upon the allocation that it is within my plan?

      Another concern is when will my telset for this plan be activated? I was informed that it will be 2-3 days but its been a week already. There is no call from globe. Do I have to contact the CS again?

      Thank you in advance for clarifying these issues. I am confused.