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    Line Only Plan to Regular Postpaid Plan with Handset




      Just inquiring about a line-only plan that was availed last July 26. We recently added just a line for my sister (no handset) just because we thought that she wouldn't need a plan with a handset. Globe informed us that 5-6 months, should we wish to add a handset, all we have to do is submit a valid id, and we can avail right away, just as long it qualifies within the Credit Limit and maintain excellent payment history for 6 months. Said it would be easy. (SHE WAS APPROVED FOR 3500)


      My question is, what is the procedure? Because now, we are being told that new financial documents needs to be given, plus if you work at a call center, you have to have at least 2 year tenure, if you are submitting COE, ITR, etc...


      So what happened to the "easy" part?

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          You may avail of handset without submitting Proof of Financial Capacity (POFC) docs if there will be no plan upgrade involve and tenure is above 6 months.


          However, there is a separate requirements for BPO employees..


          For BPO/Call Center employees below managerial level AND with tenure less than two years Your options are below:


          1) Aside from submitting POFC, enrollment to auto-charge + Charging of advance MSF to credit card.

          2) For non-Credit Card holders, aside from submitting POFC, you are required to pay Six months pre-payment of monthly service fee + 1 month Advance monthly service fee if you will be getting a handset. you also need to enroll to Globe Guaranty Program.

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