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    globe load to gcash


      why icant convert i need it badly for emergency

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          same here cant convert

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              There was a system maintenance from Jan 23 9pm to Jan 24 9am. All GCash transactions are suspended. I just received a message now that all transactions are back and good now as the system maintenance was already concluded. 

              GCash usually sends advisories on this matter. For your info.

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                  Hi thanks for replying, but do I need to go through the KYC process again

                  because I have been trying to convert prepaid load to Gcash since this

                  morning and there are always 2 outcomes.


                  1) The Gcash app crashes when I try to login ( I have tried reinstalling

                  the app and it still crashes from time to time.)


                  2) I was able to login as I was about to convert prepaid load to Gcash it

                  just says " you will receive a notification from us shortly to confirm your

                  transaction" but it doesnt send me any notification via SMS or even via

                  Email. I have encountered the same problem before and at that time I was

                  not yet registered in the KYC. I went through the process already and was

                  able to use the Gcash service for 1-2 weeks. As of now this I am still not

                  able to convert anything to Gcash.


                  Thanks in advance, would greatly appreciate it if I reply was made.


                  On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 1:33 PM, neilph <[email protected]

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                    Ou nag False Advisory sila . Kala ko meron na wala pa pala . Dapat sinasabi nila kung matatagalan  para di antay ng antay ang mga tao .