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    How to view account online



      Good day!


      I received an email from Talk2Globe regarding the activation of my account yesterday. And the email contain information on how to check the account details, bills and official receipts online. I already have an account with Globe (accounts.globe.com.ph) with my mobile phone. So all I need to do is to add a another account and that is what I did. However upon putting all the required info and putting my account number, there was an error. I included a screenshot of the error. I called the hotline and will be waiting for the feedback for the next 24-48hrs.

      Anyone here encountered the same issue?


      Thank you for the help.



      PS: I also included the email i received from Globe about the autopay enrollment. Please see the link for the autopay, if you will click on the link, you will be routed to a non-Globe webpage. Please correct the link as it should supposed to be www.globe.com.ph/autopayglobe error.jpg