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    Please address my connectivity concern


      Hi Globe,


      I've been calling your hotline to report my connectivity concern and yet your technical team hasn't resolved it yet. For the benefit of others, your technical team seems to lack empathy on this matter. We are paying for your service and yet you're telling us to be patient with such poor connectivity, considering that the location is at ORTIGAS BUSINESS DISTRICT?? Ano ba naman yan diba? You might want to check the full details of my NCC using the reference number 945-575-80 or 108-657-106. Please see attached screenshot as well just to make it clear that I'm receiving sub-optimal service for a hefty monthly fee that I did not miss paying on time.


      If you have an ounce of concern for your clients within the area then please address this.




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          From my experience the technical team is really slow to respond or would even give various reasons to give excuses that there is nothing wrong (even if there is).


          You may want to share your experience and perhaps we your fellow subscribers would be able to help you out if it is not an account specific concern.


          If your problem is regarding data connectivity and you are getting only a Edge signal, have you checked the network settings of your phone to make sure that it is set to 3G/4G or WCDMA ONLY (not preferred)?

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              Yeah, I haven't done the phone troubleshooting for the past n months, that's why I posted the question here.


              As a subscriber, I would not want any more excuses or slow response time. For the sake of other subscribers within Ortigas CBD, they might want to resolve this issue. Otherwise, I will not stop pestering them until they provide us with the service that we deserve.

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              Arnel S. Bansil

              Howdy Renz. My sincere apologies for the experience. I'll send you a private message to ask for your account details.