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    Postpaid GoSURF999 Plan


      Re: Account#1015420885




      I am hoping that someone will be able to address couple of my questions



      Question #1: I can no longer see the Plan Usage Meter within my account

      detail. I used to be able to see it but now it has disappeared and I need

      someone to help me find where it is and/or assist in getting it back. I need

      to be able to see it so I can monitor my kid's data usage.




      Question #2: My service cut-off date is the 20th of every month. We are just

      few days into our postpaid plan the month. The usage is still very low and

      plenty of data left. Yesterday, Jan. 27, I checked my account details and it

      was showing the balance from last month usage due by Feb. 10th. Today,

      1/28/16 I checked again and I saw that there was a P447.32 Unbilled Charges

      posted? I want an explanation as to where these charges coming from?




      I am attaching a screen shot of my account details so you can see the areas

      of concerns.




      I would really appreciate if anyone is able to solve these issues for me.




      Thank you very much.




      M Chene (Kengrech Gador)







        • Re: Postpaid GoSURF999 Plan

          1. Plan Usage Meter is not showing accurate data lately as reflected in my accounts. Maybe Globe js undergoing maintenance as their website was going offline lately. Try pressing F5 key in your keyboard to refresh your browser.

          2. For questions regarding unbilled charges, you have to wait for your bill to be generated as it will be shown thereafter. Or call 211 toll free using your Globe line.