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    I need fix to this problem. Globe!! HELP!!


      We are having problems with our Modem/Internet connection since the start of August.  Sometimes the connection suddenly cuts off (the DSL and Internet Indicator turns off) and then the connection slowly gets back.  Sometimes the 2 Indicators are on but we cannot connect to the Internet.  The most common occurence is that the Internet Indicator turns into red and the DSL Indicator turns off.  This is really frustrating and I need help ASAP.  Is it because of my modem or are the Globe servers failing? Also, Does modem location make a difference? I NEED FIX NOW. All agent fix the same problem, like troubleshooting and troubleshooting can't fix this. I've done this before with an globe agent and nothing happen still the same, internet will cuts on/off always. What is the problem?  My Modem or Your Failing Globe Servers?

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          It could be anything from a technical problem to a Customer Service problem and best if you report it right away with Customer Service (either hotline or talk2globe) and get a report or reference number so it could be documented.


          Since this is an account related problem, only globe would be able to fix it and you may insist that they give you a visit so they could see and check themselves... after all, this is supposed to be part of their service.