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    Spotify Premium registration problems.


      How can I link my existing Spotify account to a Premium account from tattoo at home plan? I followed the steps here by I can't see the "Log in to Spotify". I stopped at step 4.


      1. For first-time Spotify users, visit Spotify.
      2. Click "Log in" then "Sign up." You can use your email address or Facebook Account.
        Note: For existing Spotify basic users, log in to your account and go to Step 3.
        For existing Spotify premium users, you have two options. You may unsubscribe from your existing Spotify premium account or you may nominate another account at play.spotify.com. Once done, kindly proceed to Step 3 to complete your registration.
      3. Visit Spotify-Globe page to register your Spotify account with Globe. Enter your birthday and email address and make sure the details match on your application form.
      4. Connect Globe to your Spotify Account by clicking the "Log in to Spotify" button.