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    whitebox out of stock


      I am really really disappointed with globe. When my plan got approved last Jan. 9 they called me about the unit that I was applying. The agent said that gold iphone 5s is out of stock only space grey is available. Then I told her that I am willing to wait for the stock for gold. Then the agent called me again and said that "Maam good news may 15 units na gold color na stock na po. So continue po ba tyo sa delivery?" Of course I would say yes! Then the delivery came on the said date, when I checked the paper attached to the unit, it was space grey. So I returned it again to the delivery maam. Then after that they never called me again. I called them in their hotline last Feb 1 and Feb 3 but still no action has been made. So now, what can I do or you can suggest? I am going out of the country maybe next month. Hoping that you GLOBE people will do something about this!