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    Usage thru Web UI and Globe system doesn't sync!


      Hi! We have LTE 2mbps with 20GB high speed data allowance (unlimited 2G speed). Data resets on 02/01/2016 and thru web UI ( it shows that we have consumed 4.68GB only since 02/01 until now (02/05) but Globe broadband department says that we have consumed 11.6GB already just for 5 days, just within 5 freaking days??!!!. We only have 2 smartphones and a laptop, and we're not using too much data, we're just only browsing facebook and sometimes we're also checking our email. And we're using internet max of 4 hours during weekdays since panggabi kami, uuwi kami ng bahay 10AM and matutulog ng 2PM. You can even check on our phone settings the total data usage per application which pulling up the data allowance. And those representatives as well as supervisors we spoke with doesn't even know what WEB UI is, that link above is even indicated on the Guide USER of the Modem they sent to us. Nagpapunta pa kayo ng technician dito sa bahay venirify niya 4.68GB pa lang yung running today tapos sa inyo 11GB na going to 12GB? Better for you to check this ASAP. This is not fair.