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    Questions about LG G4 Stylus at Plan 999 with Gosurf299


      Good evening! I actually got a bunch of questions. I hope someone can answer some, if not all of them. I'm planning to avail of Plan 999, LG G4 Stylus with Gosurf299. My problem is that I'm a heavy internet user (surfing and YouTube). I don't really need all the other features, to be honest—just the internet and the phone. My questions are:



      Is the GoSurf299 limited to the allocated 1.5GB or am I allowed to consume more data, applying the 2Php/mb charge? I'm confused since the GoSurf registration is tied to a plan.



      If yes, the Anti-Bill Shock guarantee is applicable, right?



      How much will be added to my bill? 999+1500; 999+1301*; others?


      *1301 from 1500-299




      Thank you everyone. I'm looking forward to your response.