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    Question: New Network Connection?


      Hi Everyone,


      I was wondering if Globe 4G USB Stick is working so much better this past few months.
      Until today I was wondering If Globe has changed any Network Connection when it becomes to Connecting into a
      "GSM Only" Setting in the Globe 4G Dashboard. 


      I was kinda confuse about this. When I sett my Network Options in the Options Menu to "GSM Only" eventhough the Signal is Full, it's Connecting on EDGE Connection? Which is very2 slow connection. But this settings of mine was a few months back then, and it was definetely fine. But I had this experience just today that my Option's is now connecting to EDGE Connection when it's suppose to be HSPA + Globe.


      Quick Explanation:

      1.) Network Setting: GSM Only suppose to be 3G Connection when not connecting to the dashboard, when connecting it's HSPA + Globe.

      2.) Same Settings but now it's connecting to EDGE. (Super Slow)

      3.) Changing the Network Settings to "GSM Prefered" running ok, but only around the limit of 400kbps, when I was running this on 1.5MBps before. (Speedtest Android/PC/Downloading Test by Speedtest)


      Any explanation to this?! Muchly Appreciated. 

      Kudos Globe. Thanks in Advance.

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          Gsm is 2G thus connecting to the better signal but slower bandwidth. Irecommend putting this to 3G or 4g preferred for better download and upload speeds
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              Agree, GSM is 2G but it has a better download speed before the day i had the problem, even connecting to 3G only but still manage to have limits to the downloads, ofcourse we have a cap of 800MB, so we have to do things in our way. So What about the 4G Preferred? How would i be able to connect the 4G?

              I mean the Tools -> Options -> Network (Tab) Network Type to 4G? Is that even possible?

              Nonetheless the 4G is already the HSPA + Globe or HSDPA + Globe