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    Billing inquiry


      Good am if some here please enlighten me re: recontracting. I recontract early last Dec on an iphone 6s plan which makes me pay a pre term fee, as per Csr on hotline ill pay daw 25k but when i got the new phone gs csr told me na 14k lang instead of 25k for the term fee and now here comes the problem. Billing shows two charged to bill phone. When i called the csr he told me na ung 14k i paid was the line only and not the phone itself...meron ba tlagang ganun?hiwalay ang line sa handset?

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          Iba po ung cash out na nadivide ng installment which was added to your MSF. 

          You can calculate your pre-term fee using this formula. It's not exact but atleast it will give you the range.

          [Handset Cost - Cashout Paid]/Months of Contract (24) x Remaining Months + 550 Admin fee.

          iPhone 6, 128 Gig, Gold = 48,000.00 (handset cost)
          24 Months Contract
          Plan 999
          Cash out 35280.00 (Paid in Cash)

          48000-35280 = 12720/24 = 530 x 12 mos remaining = 6360 + 550 = 6910.00 

          Pero kapag installment ang cash out for 24 mos at nabayaran mo lang 12 mos:
          35280/24 = 1470 x 12 = 17640.00

          35280-17640 = 17640.00 (remaining unpaid installment of cash out)

          48000-17640 = 30360/24 = 1265 x 12 = 15180 + 550 = 15730.00

          17640 + 15730 = 33, 370.00 (TOTAL PRE-TERM FEE)

          This is my computation based on my queries from previous recontracting. However, after you computed yours then it came out you paid all the remaining balances then i guess you should call 027301300 for reversal of the installment. The installment should stop when you pre-terminated your line.
          But if they allowed you to continue paying the remaining cash out being added to your new MSF then maybe you should compute yours.

          Please correct me if I'm wrong in my computations. Thanks.

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