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    HOW TO OPEN MY PUK SIM CARD my Tm prepaid sim card.


      pls need your help & assiatance to my big problem. my Tm mobile prepaid sim was PUK last night , and i really dont know how to fix so u can open & use my Tm prepaid sim card? wversince this is my contact number , and im really worried if i can use it again. its really important this number to me, the kind of work i have its a big g lost to me. im a real estate agents it will affect so much on my job this is the only way for them to contact me. im so stress today because i even know who contact or message me thia day. im really worried. pls. help me.. all my contacts are all saved in my Tm sim. it will cause of problems to my contacts, Inquiries on my fb page, flyers have been aaturated in some places. and esp all contact and past buyers,  years ago this is the only way to contact and reach me to my Tm number. its really means a lot to me.. pls. ill wait for your asap actions on my problem thanks a lot.