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    Reconnection Issues: Unable to recontract.


      Last year, I called globe to request for an additional combo for my postpaid plan, namely, the unli texts and calls to globe users. The customer representative made a mistake, instead of imputing the said combo in my original account number, he created a new account number under my name with the said combo.


      This resulted to me having two account numbers under one mobile number.


      I was unable to track the billings under this account that is unknown to me. I pay online via bpi and people who similarly use this mode of payment would know that one needs the account number in order to pay.


      Now, the new account number accumulated billings and I was prompted for overdue payments. I went to globe, duly paid said overdue payments for my additional combo and requested that this new account be deleted. Now, during that time, that was April 2015, I did not bother to check whether the new account under my name was promptly deleted.


      And now, I am having issues with recontracting because the customer representative (over the phone) said that I have an overdue account with a balance of zero, and I have to re-activate said account. I am having issues with this because:


      1. I already asked them to delete this account.

      2. I do not understand why I need to reactivate this account in order to recontract.


      I digged through my past ORs and it was fortunate that I found it. I then called 211, and then asked for reconnection via this site, and did everything I could do to have that account reactivated, but it seems to me that nothing worked.


      I am planning to go to a globe store this Saturday, but based on experience, even face to face customer representatives are at a loss when presented with this problem. I am afraid that this issue might not be fixed even if I do visit a physical store. It was their own agent who made the mistake of adding a new account under the same mobile number, and now I am having difficulties recontracting and they can't do anything about it.


      Did any of you encounter the same issue? Kindly help me please.