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    My application was rejected and the reason why is unclear.


      I was patiently waiting for the 2-3 processing days the agent promised me last February 10, 2016. Unfortunately up to now there is none so I decided to do the follow up just to discover that my application for an LG G4 Stylus Plan 999 was rejected for a mistake I "made" daw with the documents I submitted. Hindi ko daw kasi ininform yung sales agent that my Company ID & Certificate of Employment had different signatories. I have read kasi that Certificate of Employment can be either signed by the General Manager or the Personnel Officer. So my Company ID has the General Manager as the signatory and the COE has the Personnel Officer.


      I waited for the "feedback" regarding my application. I really thought that it was going well since nung initerview naman ako thrice they never mentioned na may problem pala with the documents I submitted. Now the thing is, wala man lang feedback na rejected and application kasi I am already expecting the handset to be delivered any day now. I am literally waiting for nothing pala. Or hindi na talaga ininform pag rejected?


      Then I asked the person if we can still reconsider the application. Sabi niya no daw pero I can still apply naman through my friend or mother's name pero ako nalang daw magbayad. So does that mean I am FOREVER prohibited/blocked in applying for another line just because of it? Why use other's name when I can use mine? Unintentional yung mistake, and I am not really aware, I really tried to read the guidelines in the sample documents before submitting. Hope I can get the answer I deserve. Okay naman yung Globe in terms of service, but please enlighten me with this one.